This is my story...


My name is Nikita Ross, and I'm the face behind Strong in Body, Strong in Mind. I'm a Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach, an Ace Fitness certified Personal Trainer, and professional ghostwriter and editor, largely in the world of (you guessed it!) fitness and nutrition.

When I'm not typing away or helping people reach their goals, I'm working on reaching my own, usually by lifting up heavy things at the gym. I'm a competitive powerlifter, carrying a first place medal in dead lifting at the 2017 IPA Powerlifting Worlds, a recovering half-marathoner, and a rugby rookie. Suffice to say, fitness is heavily ingrained in my daily life.

I've been writing professionally for two years and using my marketing background to help other coaches and businesses reach their goals through content creation and editing, social media consulting, and the age old "other duties as necessary" approach to business. Write a 65,000-word course framework? Sure. Create a website from scratch? Why not? 

My passion for reading and learning new things is the fuel that drives this business, and I stand by what my bio says on the publications that are under my byline: I really do believe that lifting heavy weights and heavy books is the key to living an incredible life.